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you have to change the way you think. Oprah Winfrey

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Matt, San Diego, California
"Suzan has helped me revamp my resume in a way I never could have imagined; bringing out my greatest strengths and skills in a well organized and concise format. Under her tutelage I am now prepared to tackle any interview and win the job! Perhaps most important, I now feel more confident as I go forward in the employment process. Whether you are changing careers or simply want to improve your resume, I highly recommend working with Suzan." Matt, San Diego, California
Pat, Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania
"Unemployed for 6 months and blocked by my shattered self esteem, Suzan expertly helped me to polish my presentation all the way from resume to job interview. Suzan showed me how to powerfully focus on my strengths and expertly handle the challenging interview questions with new confidence. After 6 short weeks of working with Suzan, I will start my dream job next week! No question about it, I recommend Suzan's coaching without reservation!" Pat, Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania
Anthony, Atlanta, Georgia
"Suzan helped me craft a resume to achieve maximum impact in a succinct format. She also helped me sharpen my interviewing skills. With her deep experience and knowledge, she made every second of our time together valuable and enjoyable. I am delighted to recommend her services." Anthony, Atlanta, Georgia
Vivian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Suzan is able to assess one's entire presentation and, with candor, specificity and compassion, cut direct to the chase on what might be improved upon and redirected. She motivates through example and has broad-based applicable knowledge to bring to her services. There's no doubt that she's been in her mentee's shoes when she makes specific suggestions, and she is dogged about helping her client arrive at the best outcome. I'd confidently suggest her to anyone in any field. I am nothing short of blessed to have received her wise counsel." Vivian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stacy, New York, New York
"Suzan's services and advice during our career coaching sessions were outstanding. She was able to relate on a personal and professional level. She thoroughly and patiently went through my resume with me. The finished product was more than I could have ever dreamed of or done on my own! Her expertise and compassion were extremely apparent during our sessions. I highly recommend her services. She is fantastic!" Stacy, New York, New York
Linda, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Suzan has bottomless emphathy. She was very easy to talk to during a difficult career transition. With her encouragement, I changed my outlook about job searches, became more assertive, and gained a fresh perspective on my skills and abilities. Suzan helped me better market myself and I will always be grateful." Linda, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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