If you want your life to be more rewarding,
you have to change the way you think. Oprah Winfrey

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Practical Coaching
Powerful Results

What clients are saying

"Suzan's services and advice during our career coaching sessions were outstanding. She was able to relate on a personal and professional level.
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My philosophy & what I'm about

I believe that all the answers to your best life are within you now. I believe that everyone has unique gifts, passion and life purpose they're meant to express in the world. With respect to your career, I can coach you on how to brand and market yourself so you get noticed. This includes refining your resume, interview tips and networking strategies. I give my clients the extra edge they need in today's competitive market. I provide practical coaching that brings powerful results!

My background and training
For my coaching certification, I was trained by one of the best coaches in the country, Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling author, life coach and columnist for O magazine. Her book, Finding Your Own North Star, changed my life and I think the tools she has given me will help change yours. In addition, I excelled as an executive recruiter, placing high level executives in high tech jobs in cutting edge industries. I know what is needed to get a job in this fierce market! I take the best of the career counseling and coaching worlds and meld them together to create a powerful, transformative coaching experience for you.

What it's like working with me
As your coach, I have one objective: I want you to succeed. I will encourage you to dream BIG, discover your unique talents, passion and purpose, and create the life and career that brings you true peace, joy & happiness! I love what I do and you'll experience that every step of the way. We'll work on the thoughts that are bogging you down like "I'll never find a job". We'll refine your resume and polish your interviewing skills. Get you ready for your new life!

Together we will build confidence and hope. I ask powerful questions and listen closely to what you truly want, even when you can't always hear it yourself. I give practical advice and encouragement. You have amazing talents & gifts that the world is waiting for - the power and resources are within you to create a happy, peaceful, balanced life starting today.